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SISX Project Management System

A virtual hub where teams can work, plan, and achieve Activity.

Manage Tasks and Communication So Projects Get Completed Faster and Easier.

Communications Engine

Document Management

Agile workflow system


Effective time tracking

Risk management

Project Report Creation

Resource Management

Project Scheduling and Task Management

Budgeting And Cost Control

Dependencies, Milestones, and Critical Path

Developing Team Coordination and Collaboration

Why Choose Us?

Real-time collaboration

SISX gives users the ability to work in collaboration with others and  focus on individual projects and stay on top of every project activity.

Sharing documents

Apart from real-time collaboration, SISX lets its users share and work on documents together from any place and any time. You can integrate third-party cloud storage apps into the system as well.

Time management

Time tracking is becoming a part of every project team. You can properly track and record time data of all the activities using timers and timesheets, and make sure there are no missed deadlines.


SISX’s reporting feature allows you to create detailed reports that provide a clear picture of how the resources are being utilized, what is the progress of the project, and streamline the data you need for a specific set of milestones.

Real time Chart

The Gantt chart tool in SISX helps you to create project plans, visualize task dependencies, set milestones, identify critical paths, and  meet deadlines for various projects.