SISX Digital Rights Management System

Never Lose Control Of Your Documents & Video In The Cloud Again

Implement digital security that’s easy-to-us

Information security for your company doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With our confidential file sharing technology, HR, legal, finance and management teams can easily select and share files with controlled access.

Send protected files in minutes

Protect your documents, protect your intellectual property. Don’t let company information fall into the wrong hands. Add your watermark, prevent download and share files securely via SISX Data Safe within minutes.

Works with the stuff that you use everyday

Integrated with your cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive and Other cloud). SISX Data Safe lets you send files straight from the cloud or protect email attachments. Make connections that improve productivity and security in your organization

Access Control and distribution of your media and content with SISX Secure vault - A file sharing tool with built-in DRM. It’s simple and easy-to-use. Get started in minutes. A simple digital rights management software that protects your File and documents. Software tool that can run on Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Linux (Ubuntu, Red hat). Comes with built in application for storing data in encrypted format. Needs onetime minimal setup and configuration to create a user selected password.


Prevent unauthorized redistribution of your content with print/download permissions and Watermarks


Control the usage rights and access clients have over your information. Protect your intellectual property.


With SISX Secure vault built-in tracking and security, it is easy to keep the integrity and confidentiality of your files

Confidential File Sharing Tool


Select files to share easily, simply drag-and-drop them directly into your browser. Alternatively, you can also select files from Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Secure Links

When you send a file using Confidential File Sharing Tool, recipients will be able to view files securely using any browser, on web or mobile. No app needed.

Most Formats Supported

Whether you’re sharing PDFs, images, videos, or special files that need a specific software, you can share them securely with this.

Except for files on secret mode

Restrict Forwarding Decide whether to allow or restrict recipients from being able to forward your files to someone else.

Private Notes

Use private notes to quickly share a private message right within SISX Secure vault. Private notes are encrypted and sent as TXT files.

Revoke Access

Have the option to revoke access to a file in case of errors or if files were sent to the wrong person

Virtual Data Rooms

Easy Import

Upload multiple files from your computer or cloud storage -- Dropbox, Box or Google Drive


You’ll have an option to turn on commenting feature, letting recipients leave comments and engage in a conversation within the data room.

Unlimited Data Rooms

Using one SISX account, you can create and share as many data rooms as you want depending on your projects and deal.

File Index

This allows data room owners, co-owners and contributors to change the order of the files in a data room, according to how recipients should view them.

Unlimited Recipients

You can invite hundreds of people to view your data room any time. Invitations are sent automatically on your behalf.

Security Permissions

Set permissions for a specific data room according to how you want your recipients and collaborators to access your files. You can change the permissions anytime.

Role Permissions

Invite collaborators to your data room and set them as a co-owner, contributor or viewer. Permissions will be based on the defined roles.

Granular Access Expiry

You’ll have an option to set an expiry date and time for new recipients accessing your data room.

Terms of Access/NDA

This serves as the terms or non-disclosure agreement for recipients and collaborators accessing your data rooms.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Access Control

Decide whether you want to make your files accessible publicly or only to invited recipients.

Print and Download Permissions

With integrated digital rights management, your files are by default for viewing only, no copy is stored in the recipient's device. You decide whether to allow print or download.

Passkey Encryption

For "zero provider knowledge" protection, you can opt to apply secondary encryption on our important files using your own password or passkey.

Secret Mode

Certified for top-secret documents, SISX Secure vault’s unique secret mode uses a controlled environment for maximum protection of your ultra-sensitive files (e.g. no screenshots, no virtual machines, and no recordings).


Use a watermark as an additional layer of security for confidential or corporate files. SISX Secure vault watermarks are customized to show the email address of the recipient, increasing the barrier to information leak.


Set time-sensitive files to expire on a fixed date and time or to self- destruct after it has been viewed by your recipient, Mission Impossible style.

Securely Hosted and Compliant

Files in SISX Secure vault are using AES-512/RSA-2048 BIT BLOCK Hybrid Key Encryption in-transit and at rest.

Admin Control

Team and Enterprise admins can invite, remove or change roles of members and see the company-wide statistics of files shared using vault.

Admin Control

Team and Enterprise admins can invite, remove or change roles of members and see the company-wide statistics of files shared using it.

File Tracking & Statistics

Real-time Notifications

Get email and mobile notifications on your file activities. Know if and when your files are being accessed.

File Statistics

Get a summary on the number of times your file has been viewed, the duration, location from where your files have been accessed, and whether it was printed or downloaded.

Team-wide File Statistics

Team and Enterprise admins can access statistics of all shared files and can see where, when and how the files were used.

Platforms & Integrations

Dropbox and Google Drive

Easily import files from Dropbox and Google Drive into SISX Secure vault for sharing or for your data rooms.


Securely send and track email attachments with SISX Secure vault right within your Gmail/Outlook. No need to open extra tabs.

Mobile Apps

For a more optimal experience on mobile, recipients can view your files using the SISX Secure vault mobile viewer app.

Secret Mode Desktop Viewer

When you share documents on secret mode, your recipients will need to download our secret mode desktop viewer to be able to view your files securely.