SISX Advance Hospital Management System

SISX Integrated Hospital Management System for Managing All Aspects of A Hospital’s Operations Smoothly.

Hospital Systems is a customizable, comprehensive, and integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations. The ideal client base for Hospital is Healthcare facilities, multi-specialty clinics, and medical practitioners. Multi-Location functionality allows your hospitals, satellite clinics, and medical stores to be interconnected. Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation.

Slot Management

Add Doctor scheduling

Doctor list

Add Portfolio


Add time Slot

Add Schedule

Schedule List

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment scheduling

Appointment Listing

Appointment by doctor

Assign Me

Assign to Me

Assign by Doctor

Assign to Doctor

Daily, weekly and monthly view

Quick follow-up appointment bookings

Patient Registration

Patient Demographical details with photo

Patient Document & Photo

Prescription Management

Add patient case study

patient case study List

Add Prescription

Prescription List

Clinical Modules

Patient Visit Details (OPD)

Prescription Module for quick prescription

Test & Investigation

Vaccine Chart

Service Management

Add Service

Service List

Add Package

Package List

Set Head & Price of Service

Set Head & Price of Package





Vouchers Entry

3C Register

Income & Expense register

Reporting Module

Patient Visit Report & Prescriptions

Test & Investigation reports

Estimate, Bill & Receipt Reports

3C Register

Letters, Certificates & Mailing Labels

Patient Summary

Data Analysis Module

Advanced data analysis module

More than 100 predefined reports

Images & Video Manager

Export Reports in word, excel or .pdf


Send Notification to Patient & Doctor

Send SMS to Patient & Doctor